Introduction>Presentation of the intervention
The concept of participatory sense-making>Horizon
The concept of participatory sense-making>Definition
The concept of participatory sense-making>Theoretical background
The concept of participatory sense-making>Cognition and sense-making
The concept of participatory sense-making>The traditional approach
The concept of participatory sense-making>The embodiment
The concept of participatory sense-making>The importance of experience
The concept of participatory sense-making>The intersubjectivity
Social interaction>The drawing of Munoz
Social interaction>Definition
Social interaction>Illustration
Social interaction>The two pillars of the interaction
The contextual role>Introduction
The contextual role>The experiment between the child and the mother
The contextual role>First explanation
The contextual role>Second explanation
The enabling role>Introduction
The enabling role>Illustration
The constitutive role>Tactos
The constitutive role>Participatory sense-making
Fields of investigation>Introduction
Fields of investigation>Area of sociology
Fields of investigation>Area of psychiatry and psychopathology
Fields of investigation>Aparte
Fields of investigation>Area of philosophy
Fields of investigation>Area of psychology
Fields of investigation>Area of linguistics
Fields of investigation>Area of neuroscience
Interactive brain hypothesis>Introduction
Interactive brain hypothesis>The traditional approach
Interactive brain hypothesis>Developmentally & contemporaneously
Interactive brain hypothesis>Interacting is primary
The concepts of empirical research>Introduction
The concepts of empirical research>Transitions un coordination
The concepts of empirical research>A readyness interact
The concepts of empirical research>Experimentation